Video Wall set up

Setting up Just Add Power video walls is easy and economical. All that is needed is one transmitter per source, a Gigabit managed switch, and one receiver per video wall display.

After using the JADConfig software to configure the HD over IP transmitters and receivers, you’re led to a web interface which lets you programme the video wall(s).

Viewing modes

Watch one source across a full video wall or use single screen viewing mode to make each screen show a different source. You can even be creative and have, for example, a 3x3 video wall which shows one source as a 2x2 in the centre with single screens around the perimeter. Check out the possibilities for video wall viewing.

Video Tiling

Tile four or more HDMI sources on a single display in a variety of viewing modes. The 2G+4+ video tiling processor allows any integrated screen with a Just Add Power receiver behind it to do multiview. It’s perfect for mancaves and sports bars and can be used alongside Just Add Power video walls for displaying even more sports content or marketing content in a quad view on one or mode video wall screens.

The 2G+4+ video tiler works seamlessly with 2G/2G+ and can be bridged to work with 3G devices.