Why choose HDMI over IP over a traditional matrix


Design a system to be centralised, decentralised or a mixture of both.


Expand in future to integrate new sources and screens.


Fully PoE, commercial-grade hardware. 5-year warranty.


Better value than large fixed-format HDBaseT matrices.

Build any size of HDMI matrix over IP

HDMI over IP products lets you create any size of 4K or 1080p HDMI matrix using a 1 Gb network and Cat 5e/6 cabling, and can be implemented in residential and commercial installations. Any combination of inputs and outputs is possible, and the system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional sources and screens.

Morgan Motor’s 3 x 3 Video Wall, Live event.

Need 4K distribution? Discover 3G Ultra HD over IP

4K with HDCP 2.2 support

3G Ultra HD over IP distributes 4K with HDCP 2.2 and 1080p content over a 1 Gb network & Cat 5e / 6 cable.

4K devices on 1080p TVs

Built in 4K scaler lets 4K sources be viewed in 2160p on 4K screens and in 1080p on Full HD screens simultaneously.

Rack or room sources

Keep Blu Ray Players, games consoles, presentation switchers and laptops local to rooms, in a central location or a mix.

Deliver HDMI over 100m

For large installs, stack supported Gb managed switches via fiber link to push 4K and 1080p up to 10 km!

Are you a commercial or residential installer?

32 sources and 39 display HDMI Network by Just Add Power in Belterra Casino Resort Sports Bar in Switzerland County, Indiana, using On Controls.


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