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Just Add Power MANUFACTURER REPRESENTATIVES provide product training to dealers and also help potential end users locate an Authorized Dealer able to help them design and install their project.

Atlantic Integrated

  • Metro New York and Northern New Jersey
  • Phone 201-767-4230

Hill Residential

  • Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Wash. DC, South NJ, Eastern PA
  • Phone 610-222-9991

Roberts Associates

  • Maine, Massachussetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont
  • Phone 781-547-5557 / Fax 781-547-5818

Verve AV

  • Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Wash. DC, South NJ, Eastern PA
  • Phone 757-277-9858


Just Add Power DISTRIBUTORS only sell to Authorized Dealers. End-users can contact these Distributors to get help locating their nearest Authorized Dealer.

Easy Access

  • New England
  • Phone 781-893-3999

National Distributors

Blackwire Designs

  • Arizona - Stocking Distributor
  • Phone 623-455-6455

Davis Distribution

  • West Virginia - Stocking Distributor
  • Phone 800-746-5331

WAVE Electronics

  • Located across the Southern and Eastern USA

Canadian Distributors


  • SF Marketing - Distributor for Canada
  • Phone 800-363-8855 / 514-780-2070

South America & Caribbean Distributors

AV Export

  • Distributor for South America, Central America, Caribbean, and Mexico
  • Phone 305-885-3821