3G Transmitter Comparison

Feature 3G (707PoE) VGA (716VGA) 3G+HIFI (717HIFI) 3G+AVP (718AVP) Wallplate 2-gang (717WP2) Wallplate 4-gang (718WP4)
HDMI pass-through        
VGA input      
All audio including Dolby Atmos      
5.1 Dolby Digital transformation to Stereo        
Mic-/line-in ports    
Stereo audio extraction with audio delay        
RS232 & IR* control  
CEC over IP        
USB over IP    
Rackmount option       749AVP    

3G Receiver Comparison

Feature 3G+ 3G+AVP
All audio support
Built-in scaler
Video wall
Image play - push, pull, pop
RS232 & IR* control
CEC control  
Stereo audio extraction with amp & delay  
USB over IP