The solution: an innovative new product
Introducing the 718KVM/749KVM

WHat is the new 718KVM/749KVM?

Like the AVP series, this Transmitter supports KVM and stereo audio breakout; however, it does not have audio down-mixing out of the box. This Transmitter will be field-modifiable in the future to have all features of the 718AVP/749AVP once chips become more readily available. This strategy will protect dealer investment and give a path towards full AVP performance.

The KVM IS here to Stay

We will continue to produce this product even after the chip shortage has resolved. For those who do not need Dolby downmixing, the 718KVM/749KVM provides a lower cost of entry into Just Add Power AV distribution with KVM functionality.
For those who need Dolby downmixing, a field modification will enable full AVP functionality.

Purchasing and Shipping

We expect the 718KVM/749KVM to begin shipping in early first quarter 2022. Contact your distributor for more details. For those who must finish their project install before that time, please check with your distributor to see if they still have 718AVPs/749AVPs in stock. If not available, another Just Add Power transmitter will have to be substituted instead.
We recommend the 708POE and the 715POE.

We understand that this is sub-optimal for those who want to incorporate Dolby downmixing in a system, and we appreciate your patience as we work collectively to overcome the effects of this global pandemic.